Dragon Ball Z: Advanced Adventure

A combo based Platformer for the GBA with a versus mode included. You dont need to like Dragon Ball Z at all to enjoy this game. As you move through the stages you are always active. The game gives you a steady flow of enemies, and dealing with them is never a chore. Goku has a wide array of attacks in his arsenal that are closer to a vs game that the usual platformer attacks. Even just basic movement through the levels are fun. You can bounce off walls and do dive kicks that make moving though levels real fluid. It does have a collector element to it. But almost none of the collectables are hard to find. Just make sure you check every door and you will get most of them. And you will want to get all of them because the reward is enormous and adds a ton of replay value. You can play through any level as almost any character in the game. Including all the normal enemies and bosses.

There are some downsides to this game. Vs mode get boring pretty quick once you figure out how to counter. And to unlock all the extra playable characters you have to play through the story again as krillian. He fights mostly the same as goku so its not really different enough to be fun. Its very worth it though in the end.