Say what you will about the other wiki, but it had a pretty damn good layout in terms of how the information was organized.

Currently, this wiki seems to be organized by 'brand' - Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, etc. etc. While there's nothing inherently wrong with that, I felt that the other layout - e.g., by console - was significantly more intuitive and useful in general.

That being said, here's a brief overview of what I think this wiki should have and how it should be organized:

-Pages organized by system, rather than company brand

-Include all types of library titles (including PSN and XBLA games)

-Allow some sort of feedback in regards to whether a game should be in the list or not

-Include the original imagepasta and consider updating them

-Include some sort of 'review' section, separate from the system pages

-A page for MMOs

-A page for emulators (consider adding this on the system page?)

-A page for recommended Let's Players* (*Casual shit?)

-A link to the huge Vidya Soundtrack collection, including the 'albums'

-A collection of '/v/ game proposals', i.e. PRESSURE, Airlock, etc. etc.

-Consider scraping the AVGD threads for projects currently being worked on

-Specialized categories? (Roguelikes, H-games, SHMUPS, Horror, etc. etc.? Separate from system pages?)

I'd love to hear what other /v/irgins have to say about it, because the other wiki was always an incredibly useful resource in the past, and seeing it get shit up is really pretty sad.